Fixed Mobile Convergence Mobile Extension, together with the new Aastra Mobile Client (AMC), offers mobile workers access to more or less the same functions as their desk phone. This places higher demands on effective cost controls for mobile roaming charges.

Aastra Mobile Client plus (AMC+) AMC+ is a mobile client solution that establishes automatic access to Aastra’s mobile services for enterprise mobile integration into your communications system.

  • Support for AMC feature set
  • Dual mode two-way seamless handover between VoIP and cellular networks
  • DTMF translation between in-band, out-of-band and SIP info formats
  • Authentication at incoming calls
  • Corporate directory search via LDAP
  • IM and Presence federation via XMPP
  • Encrypted VoIP

Aastra Mobile Client (AMC) AMC is a mobile terminal client that establishes automatic access to Aastra's mobile extension service for enterprise mobile integration for your communications system.

  • Mobility cost control & reduction (Mobile Least Cost Routing)
  • The traveling SIM feature allows the use of local SIM cards while still utilizing the one number solution.
  • Configuration and licensing are provided via SMS
  • Simple web-based procedure for installers and service centres
  • Seamless integration of mobile phone with call control functions
  • Better reactivity and productivity on the move
  • All FMC users can be monitored in busy lamp field
  • Service simplicity & business efficiency

Mobile Extension Aastra Mobile Extension integrates mobile phones into the PBX, providing all services needed to allow your employees to become truly mobile professionals.

  • Access to corporate PBX services on the road
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity
  • Cost control and savings of mobile communication costs

In-building mobility MX-ONE in-building cordless solutions are based on DECT technology, which is used in most world-wide markets today. It offers superior voice quality as well as improved service through the availability of telephony functions on cordless devices.

SIP-DECT Basestations The basestations for SIP-DECT are directly connected to the LAN like a VoIP device.

IP-DECT Base Station SIP DECT enables offices to optimize their IT investments.

BS300 The Aastra BS300 range of base stations offers a variety of coverage patterns to suit different situations. The base stations support the MX-ONE, BusinessPhone and MD Evolution.

Aastra DT Series Aastra is a pioneer in DECT technology and is marketing a range of products that can be customized to the different working environments where DECT is the preferred technology.

DT390 The DT390 is the essence of simplicity. With its modern design and easy-to-use display, this is the choice for the pure office environment.

  • With the virtual SIM, the user settings are saved on the server, which simplifies the management of the phone.

DT690 The DT690 is the clear choice for demanding office users, but is also developed for use in other types of environments such as hospitals, as the phone is cleanable with a damp cloth.

  • Supports the sending and receiving of SMS messages.
  • The keys are handy to use

Aastra 600d Series With the Aastra 600d family of mobile DECT phones, versatile communications and efficient cooperation have now become child’s play.

  • The excellent sound quality makes stress-free and relaxed working possible, particularly in hand-free mode.
  • Five different application profiles allow the phones to be adapted to any given work situation, e. g. using headset or conference mode.
  • Perfectly geared to the Aastra mobility solutions, giving you reliable access to the many possibilities provided by the telephone system wherever you are within the company

Aastra 620d The user-friendly Aastra 620d is a high-end mobile phone for the professional

  • Large TFT colour display provides clear graphic displays and ideal legibility even under difficult light conditions.
  • Freely programmable keys support the simple navigation and the use of different lines.
  • Bluetooth interface for a cordless headset Aastra 620d allows maximum freedom of movement.
  • The high-quality lithiumion battery can be charged via the USB interface, independently of the charging bay.
  • An optional power battery is available for operating times of up to 200 hours in standby mode

Aastra 630d The Aastra 630d satisfies industrial standard IP 65 and has integrated sensor alarms.

  • high level of dust protection and jet-resistant (IP 65)
  • integrated sensor alrams
  • one emergency key
  • Wireless function and firmware updates via the cellular network (download over air)*.
* This function depends on the DECT system and the PBX used.