The cordless phone DT432 ATEX is an intrinsically safe handset for use in potentially hazardous environments and supports integrated personal alarms and man down/no movement alarms.

  • Robust with large sturdy keys

Rough environments will not stop the Cordless Phone from performing. It’s constructed to withstand dirt, water, a fall on the floor and a hard day at work – every day.

  • Voice, messaging, alarm and personal security
  • Never alone
  • A multitalented telephone, loaded with “standard” Features

The DT412 has all the functions you might want in a wireless telephone. The DT412 performs well in any workplace. It’s made to withstand dirt, water, a fall on the floor and a hard day at work – every day.

  • Always online
  • A multipurpose handset

The DT690 is the clear choice for demanding office users, but is also developed for use in other types of environments such as hospitals, as the phone is cleanable with a damp cloth.

  • Supports the sending and receiving of SMS messages.
  • The keys are handy to use

The DT390 is the essence of simplicity. With its modern design and easy-to-use display, this is the choice for the pure office environment.

  • With the virtual SIM, the user settings are saved on the server, which simplifies the management of the phone.

The Aastra BS300 range of base stations offers a variety of coverage patterns to suit different situations. The base stations support the MX-ONE, BusinessPhone and MD Evolution.

DECToverIP is the complete integration of cordless DECT telephony into an IP infrastructure. The DECToverIP base stations are connected directly to the LAN like a VoIP terminal and use the outstanding advantages of DECT technology for radio trans mission.

Aastra 610d
Aastra 610d is the feature rich DECT basic model of the Aastra 600d series.

  • local phone book contains up to 200 contacts with 7 entries each (business number, private number, mobile
  • phone number, fax number, e-mail address, speed-dial number and ringtone allocation*.
  • Redial list with quick access to the last 20* numbers dialled
  • Illuminated monochrome 2” display guarantees an optimum overview and simple operation of the clearly structured menus at all times.

  • This function depends on the DECT system and the PBX used.

Aastra 620d
The user-friendly Aastra 620d is a high-end mobile phone for the professional.

  • Large TFT colour display provides clear graphic displays and ideal legibility even under difficult light conditions.
  • Freely programmable keys support the simple navigation and the use of different lines.
  • Bluetooth interface for a cordless headset Aastra 620d allows maximum freedom of movement.
  • The high-quality lithiumion battery can be charged via the USB interface, independently of the charging bay.
  • An optional power battery is available for operating times of up to 200 hours in standby mode

Aastra 630d
The Aastra 630d satisfies industrial standard IP 65 and has integrated sensor alarms.

  • high level of dust protection and jet-resistant (IP 65)
  • integrated sensor alrams
  • one emergency key
  • Wireless function and firmware updates via the cellular network (download over air)*.

RFP 32 IP and RFP 34 IP
RFP 32 IP and RFP 34 IP are the indoor and outdoor base stations for SIP-DECT and DECToverIP. Each of these stations provides a separate cell with a range of up to 300 m within the DECT radio network.

RFP 42 WLAN is on of the SIP-DECT and DECToverIPbasestations. It combines DECT and WLAN in one basestation.

  • only one RFP for two technologies (DECT and WLAN)
  • only one switch port needed
  • only one power over LAN access needed
  • integrated, central management for DECT and WLAN with WEB-Browser

Mobile Extension
The office and mobile phone converge thanks to the FMC solution, Mobile Extension. Integrating cell and WLAN phones into the internal communication network and innovative features like the one-number concept, underline the importance of Mobile Extension.