Broadband Technology

Get high speed internet access and instant accessibility with DSL (Direct Subscriber Line) technology from airtel broadband.

The power of DSL

Enjoy a blazing-fast and secure Internet access in to your homes and business. Delivered right through a regular telephone line in your premises, You can choose broadband speeds up to 50 Mb per second depending on location and type of service.

Hate to wait?

You no longer need to wait to dial up into your internet connection. With DSL broadband you are always connected to the internet, all you need to do is just turn on your PC and open a browser, and you are ready to surf! Beyond Internet access, DSL also has the ability to carry additional phone lines and entertainment services using the same pair of wires.

Explore the world of unrestricted entertainment

With DSL technology, watch/listen as you download, you no longer need to wait for it to complete. You can download graphics-heavy files, large documents, software, photos, email attachments, and more, instantly. It's perfect for real-time interactive multimedia, broadcast quality video, distance learning, and video-on-demand. And because DSL Internet Service sends data and voice over the same line, you can talk on the phone while you are online