Aastra 470 is the solution for companies and organizsations with up to 400 employees requiring to to benefit from the advantages of the embedded and feature-rich Unified & Collaborative Communicate solution. Cutting-edge technologies like VoIP, SIP and XML build the base for your future-proof communication system that assists you in enhancing your communication processes.


Aastra OfficeSuite

The Aastra OfficeSuite is offering full control on incoming and outgoing calls, presence states and personal reachability, call-, text message- and voicemail journal. It convinces by strong directory search features and full MS Exchange integration.

  • For a full control of calls and messages
  • Easy swap between telephony and standard PC functions
  • The terminals can be confîgured individually (key functions, ringtones, label printing)

Aastra 1560/1560ip

The PC attendant console workplace Aastra 1560 / 1560ip combines the most important elements of the desktop: PC and telephone and it's also ideal for hotel reception desks.

  • Intuitive usage via mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts
  • All relevant information shown on one screen
  • Name resolution for callers via internal and external phone books
  • Extensive sort capabilities in various directories
  • Full presence and Exchange integration

Aastra 400 Call Center

The Aastra 400 Call Center solution supports companies to offer excellent services to their customers in a highly effective and cost efficient way.

  • Flexible call routing
  • Agent functionality available on all terminals
  • Full set of statistical data
  • Simple to install and configure
  • Simple to use and administrate
  • Highly reliable due to emergency routing
  • Very attractive cost-value ratio

Aastra 2380ip

The Aastra 2380ip Softphone brings the telephone to the PC. It is the perfect solution for users working often in the homeoffice or often travelling. It offers time-saving functions and convinces by an easy handling.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Full USB, Bluetooth and DECT headset support
  • Name dialing and Outlook integration
  • Supports call recording on the PC

Aastra BusinessCTI

Aastra BusinessCTI is a powerful Unified Communications (UC) solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business.

  • Full CTI support controlling your phones via PC
  • Connectivity to various directories and collaboration tools, full Outlook and Exchange integration
  • Presence management - internally within your company and externally with your customers (Federation)
  • Supporting UC features like sending Email and SMS messages, chat functionality and desktop sharing

Aastra Open Count

Aastra OpenCount is a software package to analyze Call Data within an organization or company.

  • Offering full transparency of cost structures for communication
  • Identifying cost saving potential
  • Offering verticals for Healthcare and Public Authorities

TWP - Telephony Web Portal

TWP application suite makes unified and collaborative communications. Discover how to optimize your business communications and to increase your performance through better collaboration!

  • Collaborate anytime, anywhere
  • Ease your communications, increase efficiency
  • Multimedia conference with presentation and desktop sharing
  • Scalable, modular approach, support for virtualization
  • Compatibility with Microsoft® Windows, Linux, Mac, TSE & Citrix

Aastra FAX Service

The Aastra FAX Service is an embedded FAX solution for Aastra 470 systems bringing FAX to the inbox of each persons email client within your Company.

  • Plain Email on incoming FAX containing incoming FAX as PDF attachment
  • Email Client and Microsoft compatible Printer driver for sending outgoing FAX
  • Pre-installed and pre-configured, plug-and-play usage

Aastra Mobile Client (AMC)

AMC is a mobile terminal client that establishes automatic access to Aastra's mobile extension service for enterprise mobile integration for your communications system.

  • Mobility cost control & reduction (Mobile Least Cost Routing)
  • The traveling SIM feature allows the use of local SIM cards while still utilizing the one number solution
  • Configuration and licensing are provided via SMSSimple web-based procedure for installers and service centres
  • Seamless integration of mobile phone with call control functions
  • Better reactivity and productivity on the move
  • All FMC users can be monitored in busy lamp field
  • Service simplicity & business efficiency

Alarming solutions

In complex industrial environments, innovative safety, control and information systems are absolutely essential. For these areas of application Aastra offers special solutions that can be customized to meet the individual requirements of the customer.
Typical application areas are

  • Industry
  • Hospitals and nursing facilities
  • Office environments with special security requirements
  • Prisons and site security services
  • Public buildings
  • Power stations

Aastra Self Service Portal SSP

The Self Service Portal (SSP) makes the Aastra 400 series even more attractive to end-users. It provides an easy to use web portal to access quick and convenient personal settings and to adjust them with a few clicks.

Typical application areas are

  • Advanced phone management (e.g. key programming)
  • Selection of call forwarding type and destination
  • User presence management
  • Voicemail greeting management
  • Call routing profile configuration